With Knowledge and Professionalism, John Rogers Helps People Achieve Peace of Mind

Sit down with realtor John Rogers and ask him about the biggest influence on his success in the Vernon business community and chances are he’ll tell you a story about his late uncle, Ted Rogers. While all of Canada is impressed by the fiery patriarch of Rogers Communications, the man behind one of the world’s highest quality wireless and cable networks, and the founder of one of Canada’s largest integrated media companies, John is perhaps most indebted to him as a role model. “I look at my uncle and realize the word ‘failure’ is not in my family’s vocabulary. It is not an option. You do something and you do it well, no matter what.” With such inspiration, John made some amazing things happen in his life. At age 18, while his friends were taking road trips to Florida, this disciplined teen worked, saved money and bought his first investment property. Ten years later, through more hard work and discipline, he owned five rental properties. When he teamed up with his twin brother in a successful real estate partnership, the two were at the top of their game, reaching their clients’ goals and achieving success time after time.

Breathing Easy

While his work ethic is clearly intact, this energetic professional doesn’t lose sight of the need to recharge his batteries. With his daughter’s Mary and Sarah, John enjoys many peaceful and scenic Okanagan enclaves walking the family Doberman, Heidi.

Making a Difference

For John, the desire to make a difference extends beyond his own community. Through charitable donations to The Union Gospel Mission and sponsorship of a young child through World Vision, John enriches the lives of those who have less. In the Okanagan, he works actively with the SPCA to help find homes for abused animals. John’s drive, focus and calm confidence make an even more significant difference in his community with his successful real estate career. Two decades of experience in the marketing field and resident’s insight about the Okanagan, he’s plugged into the area’s real estate market and its inventory. His background in investment property is an additional benefit for sellers, who can count on John for advice regarding home renovations increasing value and marketability of their home. Providing clients with information they need to make confident decisions, he relieves the anxiety involved in a sometimes stressful process and helps buyers and sellers achieve Peace of Mind.

John’s extensive use of cutting-edge technology for creative marketing strategies is another boon for clients, who appreciate his electronic follow-up system and e-mail presentations for listings that reach out to thousands of large companies. Electronic communication also is an asset in broadcasting information to potential buyers and getting data about sellers’ properties to hot prospects.

Come Home to Peace of Mind

The Okanagan offers a quality of life that’s hard to beat, with its breathtaking natural beauty, wealth of cultural and recreational amenities, low crime rate and innovative business community. Making life even more comforting for buyers and sellers of Okanagan real estate is a professional like John Rogers—an experienced and knowledgeable area specialist who can be counted on for Bringing You Peace of Mind. Overseeing the big picture, as well as the myriad details involved in any transaction, you can be sure your sale or purchase will be as smooth as possible.

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